Line Dance Glossary – this document provides a description of the terms and steps used in line dancing.

Dance Floor Etiquette – this document presents a diagram and discussion of dance floor etiquette.

A Little Humor Is Good – You might be a line dancer if…

Guide to Line Dance Level Definitions – a booklet prepared by Line Dancer magazine describing line dance levels.

Instructional Video – by Gail Eaton provides a good introduction for new line dancers and reviews 47 common steps used to create scripted Dance routines.


Introduction to Line Dance Steps is a three part set of videos intended to give new line dancers a basic understanding of techniques and line dance steps.

  • Part One – has tips for attending class, examples of shifting weight, counting, walking, touching, kicking, stepping together and using arms.
  • Part Two – provides examples for vines, rock recovers, rocking chairs, heel splits, point crosses, cross points, toe struts, heel struts, fans, hitches, hooks, cha cha chas, mambos and weaves.
  • Part Three – presents examples for jazz boxes, triples, lindys, lock steps, coasters, sailors, rhumbas, kick ball changes, charlestons, heel grinds, pivots, twinkles, waltz basics, sugar foots and montereys